If Your Dog Ever Does This, They’re Trying To Tell You Something Very Important


1. Action: They Give You Puppy Dog Eyes

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Every dog owner knows the look – the big, round puppy dog eyes that make your heart melt. But do you actually know what it means when your dog looks at you with those loving eyes?

2. Meaning: They Love You

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Dogs are a bit transparent when it comes to one particular emotion. That loving look they give you is pretty self-explanatory – it means that they love you.

3. Action: They Bring You A Toy

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Your dog runs to you, tail wagging, with a ball or toy in their mouth. You assume that means that they want to play, so you throw the ball. But is that actually what they want?

4. Meaning: They Are Bringing You A Present

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Sure, your dog might want to play fetch, but it’s also likely that they are bringing you a present. When your dog presents you with a ball or a toy, it could mean that they want you to enjoy the toy they love so much. So if you react by throwing their gift away, it could hurt their feelings. Before you throw the ball, try to assess whether your dog is actually looking to play or just wants to show you how much they care.

5. Action: They Lean Against You

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Does your dog sometimes lean against your legs for support? Well, it turns out that this action doesn’t mean that your dog is tired or lazy – there’s a much deeper, and sweeter, reason behind their leaning.

6. Meaning: They’re Trying To ‘Hug’ You

This close physical contact is akin to a hug in dog body language. So “hug” them back with a head scratch or a belly rub.

7. Action: They Yawn In Front Of You

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We all know that yawning is contagious among humans – you yawn, someone sees you yawn, they yawn. It’s a real thing. But did you know the same thing can actually happen with dogs?

8. Meaning: They’re Comfortable Around You

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In the animal kingdom, yawning is a sign of vulnerability, which means that your dog completely trusts you if they yawn in front of you. And if your dog “catches” your yawn (it really happens!), it’s a sign of empathy. Here’s the sweetest thing we’ve heard in a while: Your dog is so emotionally connected with you that they might yawn after seeing you yawn.

9. Action: They Sit On Your Feet

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Does your dog ever sit right on your feet? This action seems sweet, even though it leaves you pretty immobile. But does it mean anything in particular?

10. Meaning: They Want To Protect You

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When your dog sits in front of you on your feet, they’re assuming a protective stance. Just another sign that your dog loves you.


11. Action: They Lift Up One Paw

It’s a classic dog pose – standing with one paw raised. This seems like a very poised stance, but what does it tell you about your pup?

12. Meaning: They Are Trying To Figure Something Out

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This is a contemplative stance for canines, which means that they’re trying to figure something out. It could also mean that they are exploring a new place and are assessing their surroundings.

13. Action: They Cock Their Head

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When your dog tilts their head to the side, they’re doing more than just being adorable. But what exactly are they doing?

14. Meaning: They’re Trying To Understand

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Dogs cock their heads when they’re trying to understand what you’re saying. Most likely, they’re trying to figure out if you mentioned a “walk” or a “treat”?

So what’s the takeaway from all of this info? Your dog loves you. Like, A LOT.