Relieve Your Headache and Stress With Acupressure in 30 Seconds


Headache is a very common medical hitch that is faced by the maximum percent of populace worldwide. It creeps into your normal and usual mode of work and can make you feel entirely helpless. Taking in a pain-killer always makes you feel weak.

So here we have brought to you something really very unconventional which can ensure you that you will lose the entire headache in just a matter of 30 seconds of time.

Here are the steps of Acupressure which will make you get rid of a headache instantly:

  1. Stretch out your palm.
  2. Make a more visible gap in between your thumb and index finger.
  3. In between these two fingers, there is a fleshy presence.
  4. With the help of your other hand, hold the central part of this part of flesh for about 30 seconds.
  5. In fact, you have to put in little pressure on that point.
  6. While you are doing this, just observe how the tension gets decreased.
  7. Squeeze your muscles until the pain is really gone.

This really does work wonders in reducing stress and headache.

Warning: Acupressure is dangerous for pregnant woman, it can cause miscarriage!