These girls are really smokin’ as they eat the world’s hottest pepper and wished for a quick death


There’s a very distinct difference between liking spicy food, and being a pepper-head, one that could end up saving you a whole lot of grief one day if you’re not someone used to it.

Peppers can range from anywhere between the nonexistent spice of the Bells, all the way to the hottest pepper in the world – The Carolina Reaper. To put this into perspective for you, the average jalapeño is only around 9,000 Scoville, but this monster is rated around 1.57 million! It’s for that very reason that you’re not supposed to ingest one of these things whole, as you could be in for a whole world of stomach ulcers and other dietary issues. Regardless of the warnings, these two young women decided to try it out for themselves in a video, thinking they were going to manage this like spice champions… They were wrong…

Almost immediately after taking the first bite they begin to spit it back out, throwing the rest of the uneaten peppers down and hopping around as if that would help anything. One of them goes for some water and discovers it doesn’t really help at all, and the other one needed to be taken inside! If any video will serve as a warning to people unaccustomed to real spiciness then it’s this one, one of the girls even ended up puking blood in the video!

Maybe next time they try a pepper challenge they’ll have a couple glasses of milk on standby rather than water and air…