Try Not To Laugh Too Hard At This Kid’s Reaction To Kissing His Dog


Many people would argue that babies and dogs are the cutest things in the world. And what happens when you pair them together to create a viral video? Well, it’s clearly going to be a cuteness and comedy overload. Which is why this video is absolutely perfect for anyone who enjoys a good “awww” moment as well as a cheeky giggle.

Now, if you think back to your first kiss—was it awkward? Was it kind of fun but also really weird? Did it perhaps leave you feeling all tingly but grosses out? Kind of like you wanted to do it again but you also wanted to hide in a corner for a few minutes? If that sounds just like your first kiss, then this video will probably make you laugh out loud considerably more. Either way, you’re still in for a barrel of laughs.

The video shows a cutie pie toddler named Tegan and her stunning dog named Ralphie. In it, Tegan’s dad is encouraging her to give their pet a kiss. Tegan, without a care in the world, leans in and allows Ralphie to give her a big sloppy kiss. Afterwards, Tegan walks away making a seriously weirded out noise while showing off a facial expression of sheer disgust. But what happens next? Her dad encourages her to give the pup yet another kiss. What does she do? She goes right in for another one… and then gives the camera the exact same reaction. Meanwhile, Ralphie the pup sits patiently, enjoying Tegan’s adorable kisses.

Credit: Rumble

While this video is too cute for words, it not only shows us the unconditional love that beloved dogs have for us but also that… we sometimes have to kiss a few subjectively-viewed frogs before we find our prince (am I right, ladies?).

Secretly though, I think Tegan is absolutely loving it. And who wouldn’t? Ralphie is one heck of a good looking dog.

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